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 Squad Rules.

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PostSubject: Squad Rules.   Mon 22 Jun 2009, 17:12

Please Read before deciding on joining this squad. If you can handle these Rules then please feel free to post your application. We are and will continue to be active in various online games. These rules apply to ALL of them.

The Management.

Rules and Regulations.

1. No recruits under the age of 16 years of age will be permitted to join. There will be no bending of this rule at any time.

2. Unless our members have seen you play you will be asked to try out in the game with us. This gives us an opportunity to evaluate your skill level and attitude.

3. All new members will be placed on a 30 day probation period. This gives us time to evaluate you more closely.

4. You must use the appropriate anti-cheat programming for the game concerned. We will not accept recruits who do not use readily provided anti-cheat programs.

5. No hacks/cheats of any shape or form will be tolerated. If you are caught, you will be kicked from the squad, banned from our site/servers and added to our Wall Of Shame.

6. Glitches are not permitted in the server, if you want to glitch in a game please go to an appropriate server to do so.

7. All members will be expected to wear their clan name and tags while playing.

8. As a member of our clan, we expect you to post in our forum on a regular basis.

9. As a member of our clan, we expect you to be active in the game and attend practices.

10. Dual squading is NOT allowed. Your other clan wouldn't want it, and neither do we.

11. If playing in a server you must at all times respect that servers rules and the decisions of the Server Admin. If you have an issue you raise it here, with screen shots as evidence if necessary. You do not engage yourself in slagging matches in any server.

12. You will at all times respect the squad, our members, other squads and other players.

13. There will be no toleration of racist comment's or behaviour of any kind. This type of behaviour will result in an immediate boot/ban from the squad and our site/servers.

14. Do not ask for Increased Admin Levels. These powers are given out to members who have earned them. If you want a promotion, work for it.

15. If you leave the squad for ANY reason, you will have to wait 30 days before you will be allowed to rejoin. Just because you were a member at one time does not guarantee you a spot on our roster should you wish to rejoin. You will be required to go through the recruitment process just like any one else.

16. If you have a problem with a member, bring it to the attention of the Admin Team. We cant help you with a problem if we don't know that there is one.

17. Lastly, and probably most importantly. Have fun while playing.

We reserve the right to change and or edit these rules at any time without notice. Therefore you should check this post from time to time to see if any thing has been added, removed, or changed.

It is your responsibility to know these rules.

Failure to comply with them could result in disciplinary action, suspension or your complete removal from the squad.


Join us!
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Squad Rules.
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