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 The warriors - another classic gets destroyed?

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PostSubject: The warriors - another classic gets destroyed?   Sun 13 Feb 2011, 17:04

The Warriors - a classic 80's flick set in the NY gang scene is getting a facelift (and not for the best imo)

*danger - incoming rant*

There's a whole slew of reasons why i think this film will suck balls, which makes me wonder why the hell do tv/movie makers op to dessicrate classic films instead of making thier own stuff?
They're supposed to be all artsy and stuff when was the last time they actually created something?
Lets have a quick look at some of the recent(ish) films/shows that have been released

The mechanic
Clash of the titans
Nightmare on Elm Street
Miami vice
the A-team
Knight Rider
The bionic woman
Hawaii 5-0

All of these, for good or bad are remakes ( and most suck sweaty ballsack)

Whats next? well actually dont answer that, so far i've found around 40 remakes in various stages of being anally raped, from Red Dawn ( WOLVERINES!!) to Masters of the fracking Universe ( yes that p.o.s he-man film with Dolph Lungdren).
All i can say is that they better rethink that remake of The Crow or alot of people are going to serisouly consider taking up arson as a new hobby.

Hell they're even planning to remake films that were released (relativly) recently - Like Judge Dredd, Daredevil and so on

frack it, i'm off to Hollywood with my DvD/Video Collection, by my count i'll make enough to own half the planet in a couple of years.

/end of rant


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Council of War

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PostSubject: Re: The warriors - another classic gets destroyed?   Sun 13 Feb 2011, 20:19

Mate when they recently remade 'True Grit' is was a signal to me that nothing, and I mean fecking nothing, was sacred any more.

If a classic like that is fair game to remake then so are other classics such as Warriors and Red Dawn, both of which I remember well from my youth and loved BTW.

They can remake Judge Dredd though, I thought that was a shite movie. Everyone knows that Clint Eastwood was the actor to play Joe not that speech retarded mong that is Sly Stallone.

End of the day I just won't watch any of the remakes (apart from Dredd ... maybe), I have already seen the movies done well the first time round. I do not need some bereft of original ideas and/or talent hack ripping off old movies to turn a quick buck for themselves and wont support it.


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The warriors - another classic gets destroyed?
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