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 Latest BC2 Asshat..... ra NooB78

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PostSubject: Latest BC2 Asshat..... ra NooB78   Thu 13 Jan 2011, 18:09

This time it is some Russian dick who just abused players in the server every time a map ended which is fair enough if you are an arsehole. I checked the logs and no one (apart from Fishy later) responded to any of his abuse and he seemed quite happy as long as no one killed him. Laughing

He then took a shine to Fishy which again is fair enough as the little chap can handle himself well enough, although I draw the line at insulting the Squad whilst he has the fracking cheek to be playing on our server.

Quote :
[19:38:12]: Server: Welcome NooB78 to our server. Play hard and play fair!
[19:52:12]: NooB78: NOOOOOOBS

[20:08:47]: NooB78: NOOBS
[20:09:23]: Server: It may smell a bit, as a Dead Fish just arrived
[20:09:40]: Server: Look out, look out as Bullwinkle is about and is about to snipe your base up!

[20:38:29]: NooB78: m60 BIG noob
[20:39:06]: Server: some whinny cunts in tonight i see!

[21:00:37]: NooB78: m95 BIG NOOB
[21:00:45]: DeadFishy~DS~: cry me a river please
[21:00:52]: DeadFishy~DS~: first you cry about people using m60
[21:01:01]: DeadFishy~DS~: now you are complaining because im using a gun to pwn you
[21:01:05]: DeadFishy~DS~: your pathetic
[21:02:42]: Server: DeadFishy~DS~ is up by another five kills, stop him!
[21:03:33]: Server: Sass ended DeadFishy~DS~'s streak kills. Good job!
[21:03:33]: Server: Sass got the first tags from DeadFishy~DS~
[21:03:37]: DeadFishy~DS~: nice
[21:08:08]: NooB78: NOOB FOREVER
[21:08:52]: DeadFishy~DS~: stfu you fracking ass hat
[21:08:59]: DeadFishy~DS~: go cry to mommy or go play black ops
[21:09:08]: DeadFishy~DS~: you peice of scum
[21:09:11]: NooB78: YOU ASS LOOSER
[21:09:20]: DeadFishy~DS~: ha
[21:09:28]: DeadFishy~DS~: get some new combacks
[21:09:56]: NooB78: M95// GUSTAV///M60///AH94 NOOOOOOOOOOB TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:10:11]: NooB78: 48 LVL))))
[21:10:14]: DeadFishy~DS~: heli and m95 arent nooby guns
[21:10:16]: DeadFishy~DS~: dip shit
[21:10:34]: Slaine3233: maybe you would be happier playing elsewhere noob78

[21:31:00]: DeadFishy~DS~: thats outside your base moron
[21:31:24]: NooB78: SPAWN KILLER 48 LVL ))))))))
[21:31:28]: NooB78: LOOSER
[21:33:11]: NooB78: NOOOB
[21:33:14]: Server: Our Servers Stream to PBB and GGC
[21:33:27]: NooB78: DS NOOB CLAN
[21:33:38]: Slaine3233: go play somewhere else then dickhead
[21:33:52]: Gasoline: your turns me on
[21:34:03]: NooB78: NOOBS CLAN KIDS )))))
[21:34:14]: Slaine3233: i assume you have a clan and a server yes?
[21:34:30]: NooB78: SHUT UP NOOBS
[21:34:31]: Slaine3233: then frack off to it and quit whinning here you russian asshole

I applied the kick after that and a kick it shall remain unless this arse turns up in one of our server and starts again. Any more outbursts like that from this arsehole and it will be a Depp, he is lucky I am feeling in a benevolent mood at the moment or it would of been a Depp straight off the bat!

Keep your eyes out for him and contact one of the Admin Staff if you happen to be one of our servers and see him acting up again, he wears 'ra' as tags and you can see the name above.

You can view this douche bags stats HERE btw. Funny enough all the stuff he was calling Fishy a n00b for using (M95// GUSTAV///M60///AH94) he seems to have already platinumd, fracking hypocrite. pirat

If you happen upon this thread Edward (yes I know your name fucktard and your DOB 25/09/82) be aware I am watching you and I will fracking cripple you if you try to come the cunt to any of my team in any of our servers ever again. Cripple you so hard you wont be able to keep that driving job any longer. Twisted Evil


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Latest BC2 Asshat..... ra NooB78
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