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 Jiraiyaa and Arsukfjorden

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PostSubject: Jiraiyaa and Arsukfjorden   Thu 06 Jan 2011, 17:41

We had two Danish guys on our BC2 server who started to abuse everyone in the server. Bad idea when there is an Admin about but they obviously aren't too smart. Chat log below:

Quote :
[21:32:24]: Amenofus: omg stop gurtavnoob
[21:32:45]: Jiraiyaa: stfu noob
[21:32:57]: Server: No spawn rape, no spawn camp. everything else is fair game
[21:32:57]: Gasoline: stop it or leave
[21:32:59]: Amenofus: ah hes brother or sister...?
[21:33:02]: Amenofus: ur same as he
[21:33:06]: DeadFishy~DS~: respect our members dick weed
[21:33:12]: Jiraiyaa: gtfo you fracking asshole
[21:33:16]: Amenofus: xDDDDDDDDDDDD
[21:33:27]: Server: Play Hard, Play Fair
[21:33:30]: Slaine3233: calm the frack down or everyone gets booted :p
[21:33:31]: DeadFishy~DS~: frack you, you lil wank staine
[21:33:44]: Jiraiyaa: boot us you fracking pussy
[21:33:47]: DeadFishy~DS~: go die in a hole with cancer and aids you scum
[21:34:19]: Server: Amenofus on a spree with 5 kills
[21:34:31]: Gasoline: both shut up n play
[21:34:35]: Jiraiyaa: word
[21:34:56]: Jiraiyaa: stfu you gay ass motherfucker
[21:35:06]: Server: No spawn rape, no spawn camp. everything else is fair game
[21:35:10]: Jiraiyaa: boot us you goddamn pussy
[21:35:12]: DeadFishy~DS~: bye bye ^_^
[21:35:23]: Server: Amenofus streak ended by Arsukfjorden
[21:35:23]: Server: No spawn rape, no spawn camp. everything else is fair game
[21:35:27]: DeadFishy~DS~: im in the clan, which owns this eserver genius
[21:35:36]: Server: Play Hard, Play Fair
[21:35:52]: Server: Please even the teams. Auto-balancing will commence shortly.
[21:35:53]: Server: Play Hard, Play Fair
[21:36:03]: Arsukfjorden: go frack yourself host!
[21:36:15]: Slaine3233: congrats, you get perma banned to dickless
[21:36:18]: Arsukfjorden: Your mother is going to die of cancer host
[21:36:51]: DeadFishy~DS~: were you that guys but buddy?
[21:37:20]: Slaine3233: both perma banned/depped, will post on wall of shame later.

Congratulations you two, the squad has spoken and you are now Depped from our servers you asshats.


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Jiraiyaa and Arsukfjorden
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