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 why hello!

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PostSubject: why hello!   Thu 08 Jul 2010, 06:15

most of you hate me and think i am a majour douchebag.. just thought id stop by and say hi! wow this site is still as awesome as ever. good job guys! i dont play any comp games anymore really (i lost the copy and got a new comp).. soo if i can find my copy of mw and ill make sure to stop by tha server
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§làiñê ~Ч~
Council of War
Council of War

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PostSubject: Re: why hello!   Thu 08 Jul 2010, 23:50

Hey, long time no see.

I don't honestly think anyone actually hates you, hate is too strong a term to use IHMO. Indifferent might be a better adjective to use in all honesty mate.

We still play COD4 and still have our server up and running, its just not the only game and only server we are running at the minute.


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why hello!
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