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 Method of Application.

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PostSubject: Method of Application.   Mon 22 Jun 2009, 17:12

When posting an application to join the squad please include the following information:

1. Game you wish to enlist for.

2. Your name ingame.

3. Your age.

4. Previous Squads (if any).

5. Preferred Weapon.

6. Preferred Team Position (demo, assault, defence).

7. Period of Time Playing.

8. Point of Contact (Xfire preferably).

9. Servers you frequent, so we can come along and give you a run for your money and set up a try out if necessary.

There are a number of things to bare in mind if you wish to become a member of this squad.

1. The members of this squad are not only respectful to each other but to other players and members of other squads. If you feel you cannot abide to this code of conduct then do not bother to apply. Please see our Squad Rules above for more of our rules.

2. Once you post your application we will review it and get back to you, it is worth your while to check back occasionally to see the squads response to your request to join us and answer any questions our members may have.

3. You should make yourself active in our server. This will give our members a chance to get to know you a bit better and will influence how quick and positive your poll goes.

4. Posting an application to join does NOT entitle you to place our tags after your name. You will only be allowed to wear our tags once we have discussed your application and voted on it, anyone wearing our tags before this will forfeit any right to join this squad and you will be named and shamed as a wannabe in the game we find you wearing them in.


Join us!
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Method of Application.
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