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 for the ones interested in overclocking.

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PostSubject: for the ones interested in overclocking.   Sun 01 Feb 2009, 03:02

overclocking your CPU - it isnt really worth it to be honest with yas. but its done in the bios unless your motherboard came with a utility to do such a thing (like mine - abit AW8 max drifting) but serious, isnt worth the risk as you will get no big improvement, trust me.

graphics card, this is more worth it and is safer done through software then hardware as if you do it to much in software it will just reset itself n crap.. heres a proggy id recomend for the overclocking - - site includes instructions to. another program i use to check teperature of my stuff (must if overclocking) is speedfan, contact me on xfire (speedods) and ill send it to ya Wink

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for the ones interested in overclocking.
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